4 New Trends Impacting your Job Search in 2021

Find a new job in 2021

I’m going to make the assumption that you were probably thrilled to close the door on 2020. It was a year that fundamentally changed the way we lived and had a significant impact on work. Not just how we worked, living on zoom and working from our kitchen tables, but also how we look for work, the way we work and where we can find work. Now, in 2021, we still find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic but businesses are pushing forward. With new, COVID friendly processes in place, we are seeing signs of the job market opening up. Key industries are hiring thousands of new employees. There’s a lot of talent out there looking for new jobs and starting their careers. If you want to beat out the competition and find a new job you should know about these 4 new trends impacting your job search in 2021.

1) A Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will be a Key Factor in Hiring

Many organizations are placing more of an emphasis on building a diverse workplace. They are seeking out individuals from underrepresented groups, like people of color, women and others from marginalized communities, to build a talented and equitable workforce. By bringing people together with different beliefs, values, and norms work teams are proven to inspire new ideas and be more productive. 

Whether or not you identify as a member of a marginalized group, employers are looking for people who embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). They will try to gauge your comfort working with people from various backgrounds. Be prepared for DEI related questions like “Describe a time you were in a group of diverse people?” and “Tell us what diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you”. If you don’t know, then educate yourself. There are resources and groups to help you understand your own diversity story and learn about the organizational and societal dynamics of DEI. Check out:

2) More Companies will be Hiring for Temporary & Contract Work

9 months into the pandemic, the economy is still uncertain and businesses are hesitant to hire full-time corporate employees. This means more temporary, temp to hire and contract positions will be available in the New Year.  While you may not have considered temporary work in the past, there are many benefits to taking on a temporary gig in addition to earning competitive pay.

  • It may turn into a permanent position after you have worked there for a few months and have become a contributing member of the team.
  • It’s a great way to keep your skills sharp, build your resume, and avoid gaps in employment which may impact your job search in the future.
  • You can gain experience in different types of roles within different industries. If you’ve been considering a career change this is the time to try something new and see what you enjoy the most.

3) Hiring Surges in Key Industries

If you’ve considered a career change, this may be the year! Competition for jobs will be high across all industries, but there will be more jobs available in industries related to technology, healthcare, customer service & financial tech.

  • Tech companies that have made working through this pandemic possible. Jobs you may want to consider are Data Scientist, Data Analyst, IT Manager, System Analyst and Tech Support. Many of these will be remote jobs so you need to have the discipline to self-manage and maintain consistent communication with your team.
  • It’s no surprise that healthcare positions are in high demand. Last year healthcare job growth outpaced nearly every other industry. With the surge in hospitalizations and strict COVID regulations for healthcare facilities and home health there is significant shortage of workers. If you are considering a career in this industry, now is the time.  
  • COVID has pushed much of the financial services industry towards online. This includes banking, lending and insurance. The industry is replacing its bank tellers with more technical and analytical workers. Financial Analysts, Risk & Compliance Managers, Database Administrators, Consumer Credit Specialists and Funding Specialists.
  • With many companies taking business online and shipping more products to customers, customer service positions are on the rise. With fierce competition in markets like tech and retail, companies will attract and retain customers by providing the best experience and highest level of customer service. If you have past experience or bilingual skills you will be highly sought after. Be on the lookout for positions like Customer Service Representative, Call Center Agent, Customer Service Manager and Customer Experience Specialist.

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4) Some Jobs will be Remote & Flexible (and some won’t)

COVID forced many of us out of the office and into our kitchens, basements, and home offices to work. This was a huge challenge for most employers but by now they either have the kinks worked out or they have brought employees back to work in some capacity. Either way you need to be prepared for some remote aspect in your job search process.

Many interviews will be by phone or video. So instead of shaking hands, maintaining eye contact, and connecting through body language, you will meet your potential employer while sitting in front of a screen while trying to tune out your kids, pets and roommates. This takes the human touch away from the interview. To make the best first impression you should dress up for the interview, have good lighting, show up early and try your best to act like you are meeting the interviewer in person. Be yourself, establish some commonalities like pets, hobbies or shared interests. Try to connect by looking at the camera rather than the interviewers face. I know it’s hard so practice with a friend. You should also be prepared for interviewers to ask questions about your willingness to work from the office and ability to communicate and stay on task if working remote. For some extra tips on mastering your remote interview take a look at our blog, Video Interview like a Pro.

It’s only January and if we learned something from last year it was to expect the unexpected. For now, focus on the 4 new trends impacting your job search in 2021 and you will be on your way to career glory.