The Greysmith Companies strives to create an inclusive workplace where people from all backgrounds can feel welcomed. We believe that a healthy and productive working environment embraces diverse perspectives, shows respect for all voices, and positively influences our community as a whole. 

We are committed to our mission in creating equal opportunities for employment and advancement. We hold our employees and clients to the highest standard of inclusivity, while working tirelessly to champion and advocate for our internal and external staff’s career development and inclusion in their organization.

In this ever-changing world Greysmith is focused on understanding and adapting to the employee’s needs in the modern workforce. In order to successfully accomplish this goal, our company is consistently working to administer training for all team members on a regular basis. Our goal is to lessen bias and foster diversity in our recruiting efforts.

As the President of our company, Brian Leite is committed to working with our industry partners, The American Staffing Association and the Rhode Island Staffing Association, to stay informed on the issues and use the power of our industry to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for all applicants and employees that our organization serves.