Video Interview like a Pro

Learn Video Interviewing Skills

Now, more than ever, employers are turning to technology that helps them uphold social distancing guidelines while maintaining their normal (or as close to it) business practices. Interviewers have needed to shift from in person interviews to video interviews almost overnight.  These 5 tips will help you look camera ready and handle your video interview like a pro.

While this might seem like an easier process for you there are actually a few MORE things to prepare for, like testing your webcam, finding the right lighting and selecting your on-camera outfit.

Tip # 1: Create your space.

Identify the location for your video interview well in advance. This should be a space free from distraction (no doorbells, people waking by, crying babies or barking dogs). Make sure your area is well lit using natural light if possible. You should open a window, sit outside if it’s quiet or use a lamp if you need a little extra lighting. Take a look at what’s visible in your space, eliminate clutter and any décor that could be interpreted as biased. If you are using a phone or tablet, find a way to prop it up and keep it stationary for your interview.

Tip # 2: Check your tech.

At least 1 day prior to your interview you need to test your computer for video functionality. Click the link provided in the invitation for your video interview and download the necessary application or plugin. If there is a “test” option provided, do it! Otherwise you can use for quick check-up.

On the day of the interview, close all computer programs except the one you are using and put your phone on silent. You don’t want any distracting calls, texts, emails or alerts popping up or making noise. Also make sure the computer or device you are using is fully charged.

Tip # 3: Dress for success.

You may not be headed into the office but it’s just as important to make a positive first impression. Dressing up will also give you a nice confidence boost! Make sure you are camera ready by wearing a neat, unwrinkled, professional outfit. Avoid bright colors and busy patterns and go for a hair style that won’t temp you to touch it while on screen.

Tip # 4: Train your eyes on the interviewer.

If you have ever been on a video chat, you understand how compelling it is to stare at yourself, find that right angle, or fix your outfit. Over video it’s easier for us to find distractions, but when you are interviewing you should make every effort to maintain eye contact. Everyone’s cameras are different so the best advice is to train your eyes to the place on the screen where their eyes are. This will naturally help you fall into a more comfortable and conversational pattern.

Tip # 5: Be ready, arrive early and end strong.

Eliminate some of those pre-interview jitters by getting mentally and physically prepared. You’ll want to do your research on the company and practice some interview questions. On the day of the interview give yourself plenty of time. Print out a copy of your resume along with any additional notes, talking points and questions and always have a glass of water handy in case you need it.

To end strong you should be prepared to ask your interviewer some well-thought-out questions. Make sure you ask what to expect from the next steps in the process and be sure to thank them for their time and consideration. You should ALWAYS send a thank you email within 24 hours highlighting 3 positive attributes you will bring to the organization.

With a little bit of prep and adequate practice you will put yourself in a great position to ace your next video interview!