Don’t take our word for it. The Greysmith Companies helps hundreds of people advance in their careers and find meaningful work each year.

Greysmith is a wonderful staffing company that truly cares about where they place their candidates. The employers that they work with are valuable and offer plenty of growth. I worked with Jennifer and she didn’t stop until we found a job that was the right fit. She was always keeping me updated and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Reach out to Greysmith if you are ever looking for a worthwhile career. Highly recommend!

– Chariza

Greysmith worked some magic getting me my job in analytics. When they came to me with a contract-to-perm opportunity, I was looking at two 2nd-round interviews coming up and had to pass, but then the perspective company got Greysmith to poke me again and I gave it a shot knowing that those interviews might turn up a job offer.

A couple weeks into the contract position and a job offer came in, which every party was aware was a possibility, but that’s when things got complicated. I was enjoying my contract position, but an offer is an offer, so I asked Greysmith if they could work something out with the contract company. Through a ton of negotiations, they made it happen. I now have a job that I’m happy with and it’s largely because of the persistence and communication skills of the Greysmith team, particularly Vernon and Jennifer. Thank you for all your help!

– Luc

Greysmith is a very effective business! I came back to Rhode Island in July and was trying to find work for myself with no luck. I blindly applied to Greysmith not knowing that they were in the business of finding people jobs/careers. After one meeting, they had jobs for me to apply for and an online assessment to do to streamline the paperwork for employers. Not even a week later I had interviews on top of even more job applications to do based on my experience and the fields I wanted to get into. Now I am starting my first day as a permanent employee at a great company.

They are kind, easy to talk to and work hard to make sure you find a job you are made for! I highly recommend going in and letting them help you!!

– Ben

The Greysmith Companies are on the top of the charts for employment agencies in Rhode Island. The staff is very professional and very helpful if you are in the job market and are looking to take your search seriously. I would recommend The Greysmith Companies to anyone who is looking for employment in Rhode Island.

– Stacey

Greysmith Companies was vital in me getting full-time employment with the company I now work for. I appreciated that my contact Alexandra was willing to work with me even though I was residing out of state. She understood that I was willing to make the necessary accommodations to travel on a moments notice for interviews. The agency was very candid in letting me know that the opportunity was temp to perm, but didn’t make any promises as far as the timeline which I appreciated, as other agencies I have worked with have not been that direct. I am so happy they helped me find work with a great company with plenty of room to grow.

– Shari

I had a phenomenal experience with The Greysmith Companies. They have a professional and supportive staff that were dedicated to place me in the right company based on my experience. A special THANK YOU to Alexandria, for going above and beyond. As a result, I have obtained a position in a prominent company in which I can see myself thrive.

– Johanny