Want Feedback? Be Coachable!

Being coachable is one of the best qualities you can have as an employee. Although accepting constructive criticism can be difficult, it is crucial to your individual development.

Express your wish of getting feedback

Your manager likely may fear that you won’t be receptive to their feedback, and therefore may choose to withhold it. So, it’s your responsibility to show your superiors you are willing to hear your areas that need improving on.

Indicate how you like to receive feedback

Do you prefer meeting with your boss one on one? When would feedback be most useful to you? By communicating these things to your boss, you have a greater likelihood of understanding and internalizing the feedback you are receiving.

Be appreciative

Being grateful and thanking your boss or manager for their input can show that you are being receptive. Don’t feel like your hard work is paying off? Communicate that. Say something like, “I worked very hard on this project but I feel that my efforts aren’t being recognized. I really want to thank you for taking the time to give me input and I appreciate you pointing out the things I did do well.”

Act on it!

The best thing you can do to show your boss that you appreciate their feedback is by acting on it. Disregarding feedback can come off as a form of disrespect, and may frustrate your employer. By acting on it, you are demonstrating respect and understanding.

Put yourself in their shoes

Your boss just wants the best outcome and productivity that you and your coworkers can achieve. Ask yourself how you would want your employees to perform if you were in their position. The attributes that you think of likely will be similar to what your boss expects of you.
The more coachable you are, the more likely your boss will be encouraged to provide you with useful feedback. The only way to grow and improve in your career is to know the things that could use some work. Feedback can help you reflect upon your successes and help you avoid failures.