5 Myths about Working with Staffing Agencies

Finding the right person for every open position at your company takes a lot of work. The time you spend reviewing applications, interviewing talent, negotiating salaries, testing skills, checking references, in addition to other activities, takes time away from other business obligations you should be focusing on! This is why staffing agencies exist; they make it easier for you to do business!

Staffing agencies have played an important role in hiring for decades. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about them that keep companies from utilizing their services – so it is time to put those myths to rest!

Myth #1: “It is too expensive to be worth it”

It is very common to hear: “why pay should I pay for recruiting when I can just hire someone myself”. Well, even though you might think you are saving money up front, the truth is… You are not! Hiring is a costly and time-consuming process. It involves many “hidden expenses” that you might not be aware of, such as state and federal payroll taxes, social security, compensation, benefits and training. In turn, if you use staffing agencies, they will take care of any hiring-related costs. Hence, you will end up saving money for your company in the long run!

Myth #2: “I won’t find quality employees through staffing agencies”

This is not the case! The truth is, many employees decide to work temporary jobs because they need more flexibility, have a strong desire to switch career fields, or they are relocating and a find that a temporary job is the fastest way to enter the workforce. Also, staffing agencies always take the time to ensure that the final candidates are the right fit for every position. As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t be in business if the candidates they provide don’t fulfill their clients’ requirements and expectations! Good agencies will guarantee your hire to ensure they truly meet your expectations.

Myth #3: “Staffing agencies only provide temporary workers”

Many clients think staffing agencies only provide “fill-ins”. This couldn’t be more wrong! Firms now provide a suite of services to meet your workforce needs. They can connect you with great talent on a temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire basis.

Recruiters work hard to make sure they find a candidate that fits the immediate need and also possesses the skills to be part of the company in the long-run. Also, a recruitment agency’s main goal is to see their clients grow and the best way to do it is through a highly-talented and motivated workforce.

Myth #4: “It takes longer to fill a position through staffing agencies”

Actually, it is the total opposite. A staffing agency devotes all its resources and energy to find the right candidate for any open position at your company. Recruiters take care of sorting through resumes, conducting preliminary interviews, and managing all the paperwork involved with the hiring process. Thus, a month-long search can turn into one that lasts only a few days!

Myth #5: “I have a HR department, I don’t need recruitment companies”

Many businesses have HR departments to take care of the hiring process. However, these are typically just big enough to support normal business growth. If there is a sudden increase in vacancies or there is a job that needs to be filled ASAP, your company might not be able to find enough qualified candidates! Also, HR people have a lot more responsibilities than just finding new employees: they make sure workers follow company policies, provide training, discuss benefits and compensations, etc. Using a staffing agency allows your HR department to focus on guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment!

In conclusion, using a staffing agency:

  • Saves your company money in the long-run
  • Matches every job opening with a highly qualified employee who can easily become part of your permanent workforce
  • Reduces time-to-hire without sacrificing quality
  • Supports the development of your HR department

All this translates into a happy, optimistic and productive workplace!