Q&A with Brian Leite

Q&A with Brian Leite

With many businesses heading back to the office we are faced with new challenges like transitioning employees from remote work, dealing with resistance and trying to accommodate our employees’ mental and physical needs… all while fighting to maintain a competitive edge.

Join Brian Leite for a 5 minute coffee break In each segment, he tackles some of the workforce questions we are all trying to answer. Brian is the VP of the RI Staffing Association and Managing Executive of The Greysmith Companies. He has been a driving force in getting our employees back to work and helping local employers realize their workforce goals.

Meet Brian Leite, Managing Executive of The Greysmith Companies

Q: How do I hire a great employee when talent is scarce?

Q: How do you support the mental wellness of your staff?

Q: What is the most significant corporate transformation you have undertaken?

Q: How were you able to successfully transition you staff back to the office after working remote for so long?

Q: What have you done to keep Greysmith competitive against local and national staffing suppliers in your market?