Experience Required: How New Grads Can Gain Job Experience And Get Hired.

Graduation season is right around the corner and very soon, the class of 2020 will be entering a difficult job market. If you are one of the 3.9 million graduates looking for a job you will be competing with classmates and experienced professionals, including those who have been displaced due to coronavirus.  If you haven’t landed a job yet don’t worry, here are 4 ways to make your resume stand out and gain the experience needed to start your career journey.

1. Overcome the “Experience Required” challenge

Sometimes you have to prove that you can do the work before you actually start the job. Many employers, especially in this post-coronavirus climate, are looking for experienced professionals who can showcase their past success and demonstrate that they are a dependable employee. You may need to do some freelance, temporary or contract work before you will be considered for the job you want, even if you have a degree in the field.

Taking a temporary position is one of the best ways for you gain immediate employment, earn a competitive wage, and gain the skills necessary to land that high paying job you have your sights set on. To find an opportunity quickly, you should reach out to a recruiter who can leverage their network and match you with a job that fits with your career goals. A little experience and a positive reference will have a big impact on your job search.

2. Apply for internships

If you have interned in the past, these need to be front and center on your resume. Make sure you read the job ad carefully and edit your resume to show how your internship experience aligns with the job you are applying for. This will require some work on your end but when you submit your resume online, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scans your resume for similar keywords. If you don’t have adequate internship experience, it’s not too late. Many employers will hire college grads but you should be selective, don’t put yourself in a precarious financial situation by taking an unpaid internship in an expensive city – there are better options out there for you!

3. Leverage your network

Networking is the common thread shared by successful professionals at all levels. That next conversation you have could be the one that opens the door to a new opportunity. You should actively work on building out your network on LinkedIn by asking for and accepting connections. Share a post that you graduated, highlight your skills and be specific with what type of job you are looking for. Reach out to your university Career and Development Center. Talk to friends and family members. If you stay active with your network you can make inroads that lead to your next job.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering can be extremely rewarding and it is a great way to make your resume stand out. There are so many great non-profits out there so look for ones that interest you and where you can offer your current skills. As a marketing manager can you contribute to an organizations social media? As an HR major can you coordinate a team building event? Find ways to make an impact while building the skills your future employer is asking for.

At any stage in your job search you should look at all the tools you have at your disposal. Sometimes asking for a little help is all it takes. Our team at The Greysmith Companies is here to help you gain the experienced needed to get noticed and selected for a great contract or permanent position. Please let us know how we can help you find a job and make your resume stand out.