6 Skills of Success for 20-Somethings

Being in your 20’s is a pivotal and challenging time. Usually, the main concern is the uncertainty of embarking on a new journey, or starting a new job! Also, it can be a daunting time figuring out a career, where you want to go in life, and what you want to do. However, you shouldn’t be too worried! This is a learning period in which not many people know the answers to these difficult life questions.

Whether you are a millennial about to dip your toes into the working world for the first time or you are well into your first job, these skills of success can help you in your personal and professional life!

1. Be your best salesperson

Being able to market yourself is the most important skill of success you can have. When going into an interview, you are telling a story about who you are, where you come from, and what you’re capable of. Thus, it is important that you have very clear your technical abilities but most important, effectively communicate it to your future employer

2. Take risks

This might be one of the few opportunities to experiment and take risks when it comes to your career. You should put yourself out there and reach out of your comfort zone. Also, if you are unsure about your skills being the perfect fit for the job, remember that everyone else might be in a position they are not necessarily comfortable with.

3. Build one killer skill

Find a skill you’re the best at, and master it! Having one solidly crafted skill is much better than dabbling in a handful. Also, this will make you very desirable in certain markets increasing your opportunities of career success.

4. Stop overthinking!

One of the greatest downfalls of the millennial generation is their ability to pick apart every detail. Don’t do it! Take things one step at a time. Don’t let your mind be bogged down with uncertainties that will only hinder your opportunity at success.

5. Learn how to save money

We all love to spend money, but think of your future self 10-20 years from now. Most millennial are so focused on the right now, that they often overlook the long term. Thus, set aside a certain amount of money each month. Your future self will thank you!

6. Ask a recruiter for help

Once you graduate, it’s easy to feel like you are on your own – just you and your resume, against the millions of people searching for jobs. What you might not realize is that you actually have an ally out there, recruiters! A recruiter’s goal is to fill open positions with the right candidate. Instead of applying online and sending your resume out to the “dark hole” (and then getting a generic rejection letter), they can help move your resume to the top of the pile through the personal relationships they have with employers. They can also point you in the right direction, provide resume assistance and introduce you to jobs that aren’t posted online.

If you need help with your job search, our talent specialists are here to help.