Add Your Employees to Your Customer Satisfaction Equation

Employees are brand ambassadors, when they’re happy, your customers will be too. With this being said, it’s crucial to consider your employees when analyzing customer satisfaction.
Boosting your employee’s morale not only makes you a better leader, but it can secure substantial benefits. Taking your employee’s interests to heart has proven to be a good investment because it increases productivity, creativity, and loyalty. In other words, when people are happy they work better, which in turn contributes to greater productivity and leads to greater revenue. Motivated employees will be more engaged in assignments and will take fewer coffee breaks just to get away from their desk.
So, if keeping your employees’ happy will better serve your customers, how do you achieve this state of emotional well-being at the office?
Here are 5 simple things you, as an employer, can do:

1. Keep Promises

Whether it’s a pay raise or resources for a project, if you promised it, give it. Keeping promises is a great way to build trust between you and your employees. When employees feel trusted, they often have more confidence to think creatively. Finding out what’s important to your employee and giving it to them can go a long way!

2. Appreciate

We all like to feel appreciated. Offer verbal or written thanks when an employee helps you out. If an employee reaches a goal or successfully completes a task, you should thank them by specifically outlining what they did and how it impacted the company. Just as important, every employee likes to be praised differently. To avoid embarrassment, start by congratulating employees at their desk and then asking for permission to share their success with the company.

3. Empower

Your employees are critical to the success of your company, make sure they know it. Empower your staff to self-govern projects or design their own work space. When employees know they are part of a bigger picture, they will be more engaged and happy.

4. Cultivate

As an employer you should be creating a career pathway and allowing employees to grow within your company. Whether it’s sharing work related intelligence, providing opportunities to learn new skills, or offering a career mentoring program, all keep employees optimistic about moving up!

5. Encourage Communication

Communication is key to a happy work environment. Encouraging casual conversation in common areas during breaks can lead to better collaboration in the office. Inviting furniture, yummy snacks, and hot coffee are sure to attract employees. Make every effort to consult with your team; asking employees for feedback or allowing them to present a new idea will go a long way.
Engagement and happiness aren’t just driven by money. The key is understanding each unique individual on your team and putting in the effort to ensure they are happy at work.