Daniel M.

My experience with the Greysmith Companies was highly positive and very professional. Being unemployed for a few months I was seeing how difficult it could be to get back on track with my career. I was speaking with a family friend who recommended Greysmith Companies because their son had been placed in a position through Greysmith which lead him to a full-time role within that company. I sent over my resume and was immediately contacted. After the initial meeting with [Consultant] he knew exactly what I was looking to do and gain from my experience with Greysmith. [Consultant] immediately set to work; sending out my resume and setting up interviews. After what looked to be a hopeful first interview the company decided not to fill the role but he already had a few other ideas in mind. It was not long after that before I received a call from him saying a company was looking to fill a position with an indefinite timeline and, knowing my background, knew I would be a perfect fit. [Consultant] set up the interview and within that same day they had offered me the position. This position turned out to be exactly what I needed to get back into the workforce. After some time working with this company they have offered me a full-time, salary position. I have only the highest regard for [consultant] and the people at Greysmith for what they have done to get me working again. My placement in this role is a testament to the hard-work and knowledge they have. This opportunity, provided by the Greysmith Companies, has put my career back on track. During my time with Greysmith they were highly professional and were truly working to advance my career. I am very grateful to both [consultant] and the company for the handwork they have provided on my behalf!!!