Look Beyond the Resume: How to Find Candidates Suited to Your Needs

A piece of paper with listed experience can only give you so much insight about a person. Regardless of their extensive background in advertising or accounting, there is likely more to the person than on the page. It is easy to rule out resumes that don’t possess the exact key words or experience you’re looking for. The challenge is being able to identify those candidates with generic resumes who pop in person, from those candidates with outstanding resumes that may not personally bring anything to the table.
Pay close attention to their application.
Those who are passionate about the position won’t just fire off their resume and hit submit, they will take the time to hand craft a personal cover letter, or answer those optional questions. Someone who is serious about the role they’re applying for will take the time to go the extra mile and make themselves memorable.
Don’t just ask questions.
In the interview, make sure you ask the candidate to demonstrate the knowledge they have for the specific position they’re applying for. It is easy to discuss doing something, but actually performing it will show that they know what they’re talking about.
If a candidate is applying for a position where they will be answering phones, have them answer a few calls during the interview. Seeing how they act in the role they might be playing will be beneficial when choosing your candidate.
Utilize references to your advantage.
Candidate’s references can give you more insight on what the person is really like in the workplace. Make sure to inquire about their personality, how they interact with others, and their work ethic. Previous employers will have the best knowledge on how the candidates conduct themselves.
What’s the persons sense of humor like, do they keep their work area clean or messy, do they participate in work events outside of the office? These questions can be very important depending on your own office atmosphere.
Think beyond the resume.
Be able to recognize a candidate that you would want to represent your company, and being able to do this means looking beyond the experience on their resumes. Resumes are perfect if you’re looking for a list of someone’s (possibly exaggerated) skills, but if you want insight into the person you are truly about to hire, do some more digging.